I can't say I'm fond of writing documentation, but someone has to.

Task-centered iproute2 manual

Find it here: /docs/iproute2

Formerly “iproute2 cheatsheet”. It was really more of a cheatsheet initially, but it grew out control.

Probably the most complete guide to the “ip” part of iproute2 (the Linux network configuration tool) on the Internet.

The most visited page of this whole website, one of the first hits for “iproute2 cheat sheet”, “iproute2 documentation” and even just “iproute2” in many search engines, once mentioned in an LWN article. My formal justification for keeping a personal website in the age of Facebook and Instagram.

Through multiple small additions over a long time it grew to the size when it can make a good bedsheet print, and covers almost all iproute2 features (XFRM framework is a notable exception, though I hope I'll document it too eventually).

Additional resources:

What I wish I knew when learning OCaml

A collection of common OCaml questions and answers. Updated occasionally.

You can find it at /docs/ocaml-faq.

Various tips and tricks


Vyatta Bootcamp

Vyatta quickstart guide in Russian, written back in 2011 for the russian community.

Kept for historical reasons, substantial part of it is no longer applicable to any of the extant Vyatta successors, either EdgeOS or VyOS.

On a side note, the term bootcamp plays pretty much the same role in Russian as Foo 101 in English. I'm not sure if it's because russian colleges don't use uniform course numbering or because russian society is inherently militarized.

Undocumented EdgeOS commands, documented

Note: I'm no longer actively involved with EdgeOS, since Ubiquiti essentially turned it into yet another proprietary product. This was written back in 2013, and I have no idea if it's still relevant.

But if you are curious, here it is: undocumented EdgeOS commands.

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